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Pioneer E8 True Wireless Earphones – Κίτρινο

  • Τύπος: Wireless True Wireless
  • Τύπος Ακουστικών: In Ear
  • Brand Κατασκευαστή: Pioneer
  • Χρώμα: Κίτρινο
  • Eγγύηση: 24 Μήνες


Free to focus on music and movement

Introducing truly wireless earphones that won’t come loose as powerful sound accompanies you on your fitness journey, no cables, no stress. The tech-packed E8 fit perfectly with Secure ear fins (supplied in three sizes) locking them in place. Ear Direct Mount Structure aims driver and nozzle into the inner ear for improved audio response, while rare-earth-magnet drivers and support for the AAC codec energize your music. The E8s are IPX5 water-resistant and include Ambient Awareness earphone tips to keep you safe. Playback control, call management and voice assistant interaction come hands-free via Multi-Function Button, while the Pioneer Notification App for Android can read out mail and more on the go.

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